Welcome To My Blog

Welcome To My Blog

Monday, 2 March 2015


Online Sudoku: 
This is a game that some people like but others don't. The game is alright it gets a bit boring after a while. The target audience is anybody who likes maths and/or problem solving. It is a game that requires the prior knowledge...
Each square must have 1 to nine in.
Each horizontal and vertical line must have 1 to 9 in.
Here is a completed puzzle.
Go to the game here


  1. I quite like the review you've got here, and it explains sudoku quite well, however only one picture is linked :( Otherwise very good

    1. Sorry the picture is not linked. My computer did not let me link it for some reson.

  2. Natalie this is a very clever Blog site, well done. Granny is doing the Sudoku puzzle now and will comment later. I like the background. From Poppa

  3. Natalie I enjoyed the Sudoku, your blog is great and I look forward to reading it again.Grannie

  4. I love the turtles, Sam