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Welcome To My Blog

Monday, 30 March 2015

Our World

It is our job to protect the world. Global warming is a real thing and some people are ignoring it. Every where we are effecting the earth by destroying animals and there habitats so we can build more room for us. But do we really need it? Now days we can build UP using the same amount of resources but less space. 

Earth Hour is a program helping save the world. It is a great idea and everyone should pitch in to help the world. Earth Hour made a difference in lots of places. Watch this VIDEO
When: Saturday, March 28 (But I think we should participate all the time.)
Should we participate? Leave your thoughts in a comment.

We should Participate all the time by saving energy
Here are a few things you can do to start saving more energy:
The lights and television use electrical energy, so when you leave the room, shut them off.
During the day, when it is brighter outside, open the curtains and use the sunlight instead of turning on the lights
Don't leave windows or outside doors open when the heat or air conditioning is on. This makes the furnace and AC have to work harder to heat and cool the house.
When you have a sunny day, help hang the clothes outside instead of using the dryer.
Don't leave the water drippingin the faucet.
Turn off the dishwasher right before the drying cycle and let the dishes air dry.
Don't leave the refrigerator door open.Decide what you want BEFORE you open the door.
Instead of cooking, once a week have a sandwich night. Not cooking saves gas and electricity.
Plant trees and shrubs. Deciduous trees (trees that lose their leaves) are best to block the sun in the summer and, when the leaves fall, they let the sun shine through in the winter helping to warm your house.
If you are cold add a layer don't turn the heating on.


  1. I'm not sure we need to participate, we just need to be considerate, and treat energy as a resource, and a finite one. I feel, that as when you turn the computer on, and leave the lights on, because there's no limit, unlike a gas tank for example, you don't think about using up a finite resource. Give us a meter to tell us how much we use in a day, how much environmental damage it will cause, and how much it costs, I think we will begin to treat energy as it should be. Nice GIFs too, but where'd you et them from? GIPHY?

    1. Goof comments James. You can get a meter for your homes where you prepay for your electricity, and then keep a track of it. I'm sure we'd use less because we'd be far more aware of it. For us in my house, our electricity is paid by direct debit each month, so we never really think about it. Thanks for your thought provoking post, Natalie. Happy holidays :)