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Welcome To My Blog

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Being a vegetairan

I am a vegetarian so I thought it would be interesting to post about our life style.

My parents are vegetarian, they became vegetarian because in Jersey (where we came from) the animals were kept barns and never see sunlight or eat grass!
As you can guess we have to eat a LOT of vegetables! We eat more than everyone else because we can't get our protein from meat. Our protein comes from:
1. Beans
2. Nuts
3. None meat bacon and sausages
When going vegetarian make sure you actually can avoid meat. (ask your parents first!) There are lots of none meat bacons and sausages out there!
A challenge:
I challenge you to go vegetarian for a day (all 3 meals and snacks)

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. ;-)


  1. This is very interesting! It explains your reasons for being vegetarian, and gives us a real challenge. I've never understood why people are vegetarian, but now I do, this is a very good post

  2. Thanks for sharing something that is important to you. What are the no meat products made from. When you are living away from home as an adult, do you think you will continue to be a vegetarian?

    1. They are manly made from Soya protein or mycroprotein. The major brands we use are Frys, Quorn and Veggie Delights.
      Yes, I think I will continue being a vegetarian for many more years as I have never tasted meat.