Welcome To My Blog

Welcome To My Blog

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

A little about me!

I am a year 8 learner in Room 10, Berkley Normal Middle School, Hamilton, New Zealand.
At school I enjoy reading, maths, writing, science, food, wearable arts, art, music and drama. The only thing I don't enjoy is spelling!

My sport is unusual I ride horses. My ponies name is George and I am looking forward to representing Berkley in the Inter-Schools Show Hunter Competition this year.

Mrs Hogg is my teacher in room 10 her blog is a useful link. In teaming we learn P.E, Japanese and T.D


  1. I like the new background, however it is a little hard to read, but I otherwise like it. keep the posts coming regularly

    1. Thank you James I changed the text color hope it helps!

  2. Looks good so far! Keep it going! :-)

  3. I love the turtles, they are funny. The poppies are really nice in the background I think. Eva.