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Welcome To My Blog

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Little Valley Farm

Over the holidays I have had a series of showjumping lessons with Mike Lamb (An Eventer) over the 3 lessons I have learnt a lot:
  • To stay off of Georges back, George speeds up and rushes when I 'sit on him' so I need to remember to keep 80% of my weight in my stirrups.
  • Keep my reins long. George tends to over bend and not understand the jump, then refuse if I hold onto his head.
  • Something Mike kept saying to everyone over the 3 days is 'Release over the jump' for everyone else it was at the jump but for me it was 2 strides out.

Little Valley Farm has an AMAZING cross-country course that ranges from Pre-Intro (45cm) to Open (1.05m) So after my lesson was over me and my friends would gallop from field to field jumping as many as possible. Some of them are to big but I can now Jump the 85cm jumps! Here are some picks of me and George on the cross-country course:


  1. Your horse is very pretty. I used to do horse riding lessons but then the horse died so I had to stop.

  2. Terrific photos of you and George. Well done Natalie.
    Poppa and Granny