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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Exhibition Day

On the 23rd of September the day had finally arrived, Exhibition Day. As the time for presenting drew closer my group was ready.(Left to Right): Me, Renee, Brooklyn and Rachel.


We had set up a station with our Video, Book, Poster and Hand Outs ready to go. When the school came through we played our video and talked about our book.
We identify 4 different forms of child abuse which is:
  • Emotional Abuse
  • Neglect
  • Physical Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse

We wanted to focus on Emotional Abuse because  most people ( from our survey below ) and included our group think that this form of child abuse is the most effective form. We wanted to inquiry into why it’s hard to carry out and how can we help.

This is our survey.

Which form of child abuse do you think effects them the most and why? (Please Comment)

Name/ Room
Miss Thompson
It effect on most people.
Mrs Hogg
Emotional is too big too explain.
Paige J. Rroom 8
We have more ideas.
Connor Room 8
It happens the most.

Emotional Abuse

It can be more harmful than physical abuse because it is something that we can’t see. Emotional abuse can happen anytime. It can come from the words or attitude of the abuser.

Effect on children’s feelings and health.
Children feel upset or discomfort when they are around others because of what they been through. It takes their trust away from trusting others.

What the children been through not just affecting their mind, it’s also affecting their health. When they hurts and upset sometimes it could makes them don’t want to eat.
No matter who you are or what you work you do, you have opportunities to  support and help keep children safe. The sooner we reach out, the sooner they can get help.

Look out for:
  • parents stress or unhappy
  • parents not enough money to raise children
  • drugs
  • medical issues eg. mental illness
Some ways to help:
  • Provide encouragement and offer practical support
  • talk to someone experienced, for a different point of view or ideas for helping

- New Zealand and the fifth worst child abuse record out of 31 OCED countries.

- On average one child is killed every 5 weeks
  • Most of these children are under five and large group is less than a year old.

- Near 9,000 children per year are born at risk ( 1 in every 30 )

- Studies have found abused not neglected children to be at least 25 percent more likely to experience problems such as; delinquency, teen pregnancy, low academic, achievement, drug use and mental health problems.

- In 2014 there were 9,499 children who were emotionally abused.

- In 2014 there were 3,178 physically abused .

- In 2014 there were 1,294 sexually abused.

The organization for Economic Co-operation and development ( OCED ) is an international economic organization of 34 countries, found in 1961 to stimulate economic progress and world trade.



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