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Welcome To My Blog

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Blog Action Day

Today I will be writing about a issue that I think needs changing:

Environmental Issues: 

cars polluting

Cars are everywhere we drive around town, cruise in the passenger seat and go on road trips. A modern diesel car pumps out more toxic pollution than a bus or heavy truck, according to new data, a situation described as a “disgrace” by one MEP.
The revelation shows that effective technology to cut nitrogen oxides (NOx) pollution exists, but that car manufacturers are not implementing it in realistic driving conditions.
Diesel cars tested in Norway produced 4 times the NOx emissions of large buses and lorries in city driving conditions, according to a report from the Norwegian Centre for Transport Research. A separate study for Transport for London showed that a small car in the “supermini” class emitted several times more NOx than most HGVs and the same amount as a 40-tonne vehicle.
“It is crackers,” said emissions expert James Tate from the University of Leeds. His own research, which uses roadside equipment to measure passing traffic, also shows the latest diesel models cars produce at least as much NOx as far heavier buses and trucks.
The issue of NOx pollution, thought to kill 23,500 people a year in the UK alone.
As you can see from this News Report from The Guardian cars are a threat to not only the wild life but us as well.
We Did This
We are the main cause of pollution. 
Pollution by industries

Emissions from industries and manufacturing activities

We built factories with chimneys, built high into the air, with lots of smoke and fumes coming out of it. Waste incinerators, manufacturing industries and power plants all emit high levels of carbon monoxide, organic compounds, and chemicals into the air. This happens almost everywhere that people live effecting them and the environment.

Household and Farming Chemicals
We crop dust, fumigate homes, use household cleaning products or painting supplies, over the counter insect/pest killers, fertiliser dust all emit harmful chemicals into the air and cause pollution. In many case, when we use these chemicals at home or offices with no or little ventilation, sometimes we will fall ill when we breath them in.

What I am most worried, sad and angry about is the fact that WE did this, that WE are being effected by pollution and that WE let it get this far.  I think we need to Raise Our Voices. Everyone says how bad pollution is, but whats being done about it? Together we CAN make a difference. 

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