Welcome To My Blog

Welcome To My Blog

Saturday, 2 May 2015


George is my pony here is a little about him.
Show name: Jersey George

Height: 13.2 or 138cm

Colour: Bay (Brown with a black mane and tail)

Markings: 4 white legs, a white muzzle (nose) and a blaze.

Hobbies: Chasing Poppy (one of our other ponies) around the field and/or trying to take the rug of with the straps done up. Also putting things in his mouth and trying to brush me. Picking up buckets is a awesome way to fill in the time (for George.)

Favorite foods: Grass, apple, carrot, hay, pony nuts and any form of pony treat that I have given him so far.

Is he not the cutest?


  1. Knowing nothing about horses, I wouldn't know what a 'cute' horse looks like, but he does look very good. It's very lucky that he like grass though...
    Which one was it that I rode?

    1. He is a cute horse! Also you rode Poppy.

  2. He looks lovely Natalie. I used to love horse riding until I was in an enclosed paddock on the back of an ex-racehorse when another horse galloped past. The horse I was on took off, then put on all anchors as the fence came looming. I flew and ended up hitting the fence/ground upside down with my head, neck and back taking the full brunt of it. One ambulance trip later, and years of neck pain, I am not such a fan anymore.