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Welcome To My Blog

Monday, 20 July 2015

Science Fair

Water Water Everywhere....
But is there a drop to drink?

My science fair is going well so far, I have finished my testing and currently writing my conclusion/discussion.

To investigate if I can drink the water from our drainage ditch? and if not what is the most effective way of purifying the water so it is safe to drink?

Background statement:
According to the United Nations, dirty water is killing more people than war or violence in general. In New Zealand we are lucky to have easy access to clean water, but what if a natural disaster happened? Earthquakes are devastating, this much is evident but the lack of clean water is just deadly. After the earthquake in Nepal Health workers said ‘they feared a major health crisis was unfolding among survivors of the quake who are living in the open or in overcrowded tents with no access to sanitation or clean water.’  Did you know that there recently has a fault line discovered under Hamilton? If an earthquake happened how would we get clean water? We have water in a drainage ditch on our land but is it safe to drink? and if not can I make it safe to drink? I also enjoy watching Bear Grylls and his adventures so I wondered if one of his methods could give us access to safe drinking water? I have decided to investigate the best method of purifying water so it is safe to drink.

My results show that the control water has Coliforms in it. So I filtered it through a Lifestraw, Boiled it, filtered through a sock and used an Aquatab.

If you want to see which is the best be at the Science fair on the 22nd of August.

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