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Welcome To My Blog

Tuesday, 28 July 2015


On the weekend I rode in a dressage competition.
Here is the arena size I rode in:

I had a caller that means I did not have memorise the test. The score is marked as a percentage:
Adequate - 50+%
Very Good - 60+%
Exceptional - 70+%
The score that the Judges give you are out of 10:
10 Excellent------ Very rarely given. It means as good as it gets.

Very Good------Not often awarded; you can be very proud when they appear on your score sheet.

Good------------ An appropriate level of engagement for the level.

7 Fairly Good------Still a good mark, maybe a minor inaccuracy prevented an 8 being given.

6 Satisfactory----The movement was obedient and accurate, marred by outline, perhaps.

5 Sufficient--------Horse did what he should, but maybe lacking engagement or on the forehand.

4 Insufficient-----A serious inaccuracy occurred; counter bent; rough transition; head tossing.

Fairly Bad-------A serious problem occurred; lack of control, very late or fluffed transitions.

Bad---------------Now we’re talking severe disobedience; bucking; rearing; napping.

1 Very Bad---------The horse must have bolted through the movement to receive this!

0 Not Performed---Self explanatory. Horse did not perform any of the required movement e.g. failing to strike off in left canter and continuing on in trot.

My scores where mostly 6s with a few 5s and 7s
I got 57% and 64%.

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