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Welcome To My Blog

Monday, 20 April 2015


To Relax,
Dont be like this..

Uno is one of my favourite games so I decided to write about it.
There are a few different versions but I play the simplest version:
Players:2 to 6

Objective: To have no cards left
1: To place a card it has to be the same colour or number. With exeption to the wild cards if you can not go pick up a card.
Wild Card: These are black, the plus 4 gives the player next to you 4 cards and the colourful circle is a change colour to the one you pick.
Plus 2 gives the next player 2 cards and has a certain colour. How ever if the next player also has a plus to they can add it on and make the next person pick up 4.
Stop skips the next persons turn.
Rotate rotates the way the game is played.

How to play:
Shuffle the cards then deal 7 cards each. with the remaining cards place in an upside down pile then turn over one and play!


  1. Heh, funny. Very clever idea to add humour to the blogging challenges.

  2. Love the Bang Head Here one. I almost tried it, glad I didn't though because I might not still have a working computer to type this on. Heh, Heh, Heh!!!

    1. Thanks Brooke. Maybe I should say Don't try this at home?